Sep 082009

This is a brief update about issues at Coliseum Park after discussion with Janis Taylor of the Chicago Park District 9.8.09.

1.  The east side gate.gate_gap

The issues raised here were:

  1. the need to fix the gap that currently allows small dogs to escape the dog run (note the brick in the picture!)
  2. the possibility of installing a double gated entry here to make the park secure.

Janis reports that CPD personnel have taken a look at the gate.

They are most likely going to close off the gate, because it opens onto the children’s playground (which is contrary to current ‘DFA’ policy).

This will leave the park with one double-gated entry at the north end.

2. The depressions around the drains.depressions_around_drain

The issue raised here was that these retain dirty water and allow bacteria and parasites to collect and possibly spread disease.  This issue was initially reported to CPD over two years ago.

Janis reports that CPD personnel think that they “are not that low”.

When pressed, she agreed that CPD policy was not to allow pools of contaminated water at DFAs (as occurs around the drains and at other points in the dog run).  Janis said that she would  look into this again.

3.  The water fountain. water_fountain_decay

The issue raised here is that the water fountain is rusted and decaying, and that there is no doggie water fountain.

Janis suggests that maybe if they can find one lying around, maybe a concrete fountain, they might install it. We have heard that at other Chicago DFA’s ‘replacement’ of a water fountain consisted of installing another used fountain in place of the existing one. This will probably not make anyone happy.

The alternative is for the DogPAC and the user community to purchase a fountain.  CPD will  not cost share on this.  CPD plumbers will have to install it.  A weather resistant outdoor fountain costs on the order of $3000.

  4 Responses to “Coliseum dog park update”

  1. Thanks Janet for the info – it sounds like this might be a straightforward fix for the other drain, too, and the SLDogPAC Maintenance committee is going to put it on the agenda for the Spring.

  2. One of the tenants that no longer lives in the area added concrete to the south drain and there has been little if any issue of stationary water since. He bought the concrete and I helped. I took up a collection from neighbors to pay the cost.

  3. It’s been a month, and nothing to report on this… my guess is that any improvements are going to have to be user-generated (and user-$$$). Perhaps we can re-surface the drain areas ourselves and/or buy a nice water fountain? Janis hasn’t been particularly forthcoming about the process, unfortunately, so we still don’t know what the required hoops might be.

    She has however submitted a request (9.24.09) to allow us/get us some kind of barrier around the gravel area at the south end of the run. “I have asked Planning to look into the cost of putting the barrier around the pea gravel area and have requested that Phil locate the water source. As this is not their only projects, once I am able to get a response I will get it to you directly. Keep in mind that the Chicago Park District has over 570 parks.

  4. Doug, thank you for your work.
    With regard to the plan to close the Childrens’ park entrance gate, I note that this will only allow one entrance in and out of the dog park. There have been occassions when both entrances and exits are necessary to move dogs in or out of the park who may not get along. We have also had occassions when the street gate has not functioned properly and the only functional entry was through the Childrens’ park.
    If the CPD intends to close the Children’s park entrance, a new entrance should be added going into the alley on the south side so that the two entrance/exit plan remains intact.
    With regard to the pooling water, perhaps photos will need to be taken after a rain or melting snow to demonstrate the fact that the depression and cracking around the sewers prevents the water from draining and instead creates pools of unclean water attracts bugs.
    Also, would someone print this blog and post it in the display case. I am sure that the other patrons of the park would be interested.

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