Oct 082009

IMG_0312🙂  Good news – we finally installed a ‘Dog Waste Bag Dispenser’ at Grant Bark Park and have committed to keeping it filled. If you forget a bag, feel free to take one.  And if it’s empty or near empty, please please call usemail, or tweet @sldogpac – DogPAC members are NOT going to be patrolling it on a daily basis, if that.

😥 Bad news – the water timer installed at the Bark Park has finally broken!  It lasted, what, a month!?!   But it did NOT fall apart like the first one.  Instead, it seems to have fallen victim to crappy user interface design – it looks like someone twisted it the wrong way until the internal mechanism broke.

🙂 Good news – no big deal, it’s getting colder and the Chicago Park District will probably be turning off the water soon.  And, we have another in reserve, so we’ll label that up with arrows and squares and a diagram on the back, and post the instructions when time comes to reinstall it.

😈 Grant Park 001Bad news – it seems that advertisements on the kiosk are no more – Janis Taylor of the CPD writes:

Park District staff visited the park recently and saw that there was a sign posted on the kiosk selling advertisement space (see attached). Please remove this immediately.  It is against Park District policy and, as was stated at the city-wide meeting, dfa committees are not permitted to allow companies to advertise in exchange for money or other benefits.

Thank you,


That sign has been up for, what, a couple of years?? Who knew?

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