May 042010

We’re planning a Spring Cleanup at Coliseum Park for this Saturday May 8th, at 8 AM.

Here’s the proposed task list:

a)    General

  1. Pick up poo
  2. Restock bag dispenser
  3. General sweeping & trash
  4. Trash in EL support ‘pockets’
  5. Rake pea gravel
  6. Gravel shoveling back to gravel areas
  7. Powerwash hard surfaces
  8. Powerwash gravel
  9. Install fencing fabric
  10. Block off area around drain
  11. Resurface area around north drain
  12. Fencing spot repairs (e.g. where torn, use wire)
  13. Remove nanny sign (‘Pick Up’)
  14. Rust remover or steel wool on water fountain
  15. Remove the ‘DogPAC’ banner
  16. Remove old GotAMinutes and replace with new GotAMinutes
  17. Cleanup area outside but bordering the DFA fence
  18. Spray clean benches

b)    Possible

  1. Paint water fountain.
  2. Cut the chain lock on the ‘Shed’
  3. Move the ‘Shed’ into the Sequestered area and re-lock
  4. Repair the fence support cup on the South end

c)    Planning & Discussion

  1. Plan installation of concrete/stone shelf at south end gravel area
  2. Discuss resurfacing the gravel triangles by the water fountain
  3. Plan device to prevent small dog escape at the gate-gaps

A couple of issues:

  • We will be supplying a powerwasher, but I don’t think any of us knows how to use it yet.  Hijinks ensue.
  • We want to install fencing ‘fabric’ to prevent gravel drift out of the dog run.  But don’t really know what to purchase yet.
  • None of us knows anything concrete about asphalt surface repair.  We’ll talk to the guys and gals at the big box store.

So… if you think you could help in planning what we need to do on Saturday, yes, we need your help, and welcome it.

Comments, call, tweet, or email!

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  1. Hey guys, it looks like the project to fill in the area around the north drain won’t be happening tomorrow – we don’t know enough about the concrete/asphalt material to use, nor how to make a proper long lasting fix yet.

    It’s on the list, though, and we’ll keep looking into it.

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