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There’s a new dog park at Adams & Sangamon in the West Loop .

It’s a small park, but an interesting space, located on the west side of Bartelme park on Sangamon street:

Interesting that there’s no ‘pea gravel’ in the park, only the different concrete levels and several patches of artificial dog turf.

There’s a very nice self-filling water fountain located at the center of the park (it’s obscured by the tree at the front of this picture).

No poo bag dispensers yet. And there’s only one entrance, on the sidewalk at the far end in this picture.

Will the dogs get used to the space? Will they take to the artificial dog grass?  Will they be happy fetching in the triangular layout?

The concrete levels do provide some interesting sitting space for the humans.

And, you can really tell it’s a dog friendly area – according to the Chicago Park District – because if you put a huge chain on your dog, then you can let her smell the flowers!

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  1. Wow….coming home from dinner at appx 7:30-7:45 pm tonight saw a young man and woman on Monroe & Throop area walking their little dog…poor thing only one leg in front, black or brown and white, if I had not been so angry with the mans behavior in front of my children I would have loved to taken a picture and posted it for all to see…may still do if I see them. I believe there are no bad dogs just ignorant and self absorbed owners. I have always had a dog and it was trained and well behaved. I said to the couple as they were letting their dog pee all over my friends flowers…”You know we do own these yards and even the small amount of parkway next to the public sidewalk & we try to make our neighborhood clean & nice” …but still that’s not just the case. Just FYI to some people… We live here and try to make our homes and parkways attractive not just for ourselves but for OUR community. I was met with the comment that “Lady this is the city and my dog can pee where ever IT WANTS TOO !” (Believe me I lived here 15 years & before these two were even out of High School.) I said ” how would you feel if I pee’d on your front stoop ” He added colorfully (in front of my 11 and 7 year old daughters) ” Go ‘F” yourself.” So please if you know this wonderful & lovely young couple with their 3 leg little god who live in the West Loop & who I am assuming hang out in the new dog park on Monroe across from Skinner Park….give them either a piece of your mind or let them know as I did that it is good that they own a dog because I do not think with their attitude, language and mindset that human parent hood is the right course for them.
    I love my home in the West Loop and I love dogs, but these types of people with little regard for the residents, our community and the responsible dog owner’s, are the ones who give a bad name to other responsible and respectful residents who actually give a darn about their neighborhood, neighbors and property values.
    Also, thank you to whoever left the trail of appx. 20 feet of dog poo down Monroe today…..that was fun.

  2. […] by a 6′ high ‘Omega‘ fence.  This is the type of fencing used at the Bartelme Park DFA. We think that a fence this high in a park this small will create the feeling of being in a cage or […]

  3. I love this park! My dog was running at the dogs ALOT! That means he loves thhe park

  4. […] And, as designed, there’s no escaping that dog park surface will be largely concrete, hard, and somewhat reminiscent of the Mary Bartelme Park DFA: […]

  5. Just be sure your dog’s on a good leash (not a flexi-lead!) and keep your focus on him as you walk around, and you’ll be fine. Dogs love going to new places and exploring (all the new smells!). And, nobody’s going to snatch him if you’re by his side!

  6. I want to take my dog downtown but hes never been there before what if he runs out or someone snatches him

  7. Small‘: the West Loop Dog Park occupies about 4400 square feet (~ 0.1 acre) of Bartelme park, which is itself about 2.3 acres.

    For comparison, Grant Bark Park occupies about 18000 sq ft (~0.4 acres).
    and Wiggly Field is about 25000 sq ft (~0.6 acres).

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