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Interesting news in Alderman Pat Dowell’s December 3 2010 Ward Newsletter – an effort is underway to locate a dog park in the nearby Bronzeville neighborhood!

Possible New Bronzeville Dog Park


Bronzeville resident Ephraim Lee has been working with Alderman Pat Dowell and her Chief of Staff, Audrey Wade to create a dog park for Bronzeville. Below is the text of a letter he sent to the Third Ward office and asked to be shared with Third Ward residents. Please let Ephraim and the Third Ward Office know what you think.

Greetings to all residents of Bronzeville; my name is Ephraim Lee and I am writing this letter to announce some exciting news. As a dog owner I have found it difficult to find open and inviting places within our community that allows our dogs the freedom of running, playing, and socializing with one another, and I know that I am not alone in this dilemma. Well, after speaking with Alderwoman Patricia Dowell and her wonderful assistant Audrey Wade, we have decided that what is missing in this community is a public dog park/run.

It is well known that dog owners everywhere love and cherish their pets, and that is no less so here in Bronzeville. A dog park would give our four-legged companions-and us-places to meet and mingle, sniff, and stretch their legs. Information could be shared about the numerous changes in our pet’s healthcare, or where to locate a very responsible veterinarian. Of course as a community we would be primarily responsible for its upkeep and maintenance, but this should not present a problem in the least.

But in order to make this dream a reality, we need everyone’s help in the search for the perfect lot on which to build. Please note that the lot in question has to be of manageable size, and as centrally located as possible. All entries will be accepted and after careful review the winning lot will be selected, graveled, and fenced in, for our pet’s enjoyment. Smells will be kept at a minimum through everyone picking up after their furry friend, and a plastic baggie container will be placed on site for collections. One other thing that bears noting is the fact that many vacant lots are privately owned, and if this is the case that said lot might not be picked for the site. I will make sure that all updates on this search are placed in the monthly newsletter, issued each month by the alderwoman’s office, or if you prefer, you can be contacted via e-mail.

So for all suggestions and picks, please e-mail them to:, or contact me by phone at: (773)556-6665. I look forward to everyone pitching in and helping me give those four legged friends who love us, a place to love!

We applaud Mr Lee’s efforts to create a new dog park for Bronzeville!

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  1. This old post comes up in Google search for Bronzeville Dog Park, so if you happen to stumble onto this post and want to learn more check out to get up to speed on the latest:

  2. We’ve been in touch with Ephraim Lee and have been contacted for advice by at least four others who were interested in initiating or becoming involved in getting a dog park in the Bronzeville area. We’ll try to keep putting people in touch with each other – it seems like there’s certainly a nucleus of interest in pushing the idea forward.

    A dog beach around 31/Lakeshore could be a huge asset for the community – a great idea!

  3. I just move to Bronzeville, and there is absolutely no place for our four legs friend to play.
    Have any one see the one by wabash and 14th? What is it? A CAGE!!! How about a dog beach on 31 and lake shore? No dog park at all in the whole south Chicago, please let us know how we could help.

  4. CCoB is working with Ephriam to get two dog parks in Bronzeville and North Kenwood, so that our residents have a clean and safe place to walk/run our dogs! Thanks for the Blog South Loop PAC!!!

  5. Yeah, Ephraim!!!! Let’s get this dog park in Bronzeville.

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