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So, it has been about eleven months since the South Loop Dog PAC started supplying dog poo bags at the two South Loop dog parks, and we can now estimate the total number of bags that we’re going to have to supply each year.

How many bags? Twenty two thousand.

(Yes, that’s 22,000.)

That is a lot of bags.

22000 bags/year is about 1800 bags/month, or about 61 bags each day.

That’s 61 poos picked up each day*.

That’s 22000 poos picked up each year, with your support.

This is a good thing.

How much did it cost us?  Well, each bag costs $0.032, plus the volunteer time donated to refill the dispensers.

The two dispensers cost about $100, and we can amortize that over a few years…

So 61 bags/day is about $1.92.  Or, 61 poos picked up for less than two dollars a day.

That is money well spent.

*What is the ‘bag efficiency’?   How many bags are stolen?  Wasted?  We don’t know yet. We do try to track usage, but don’t have complete information.  A few people are coordinating this effort, and we don’t have time to do everything!

Yes, it would help if an army of volunteers were willing to step forward! Please do!

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