Jan 172011

We don’t know much yet, but here’s what we’ve been told by the contractor who was pulling down the fencing on the north side of the park today:


  • Verizon is installing new cell towers in the space between the park and the maintenance building.


  • They are going to have to bring in cranes and equipment, and need to have access to the area – hence the takeover of the park.

  • The process is going to take on the order of a month (‘industry standard’ for such an installation), but no guarantees.


  • Everything will be “put back as it was before” once the installation is complete.

You can make your own inferences about some of the issues here!

For now, the only access to the park is from the south entrance.

The ‘interior fencing’ appears to be secure, and your dogs should have access to the south end, the full gravel area, and the area around the kiosk at the north.

The SLDogPAC has contacted Chicago Park District personnel to get some answers, and we’ll put up another post when we have more information.

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  1. Received from the capital projects manager at the Chicago Park District –

    I wanted to take a moment to respond to some of your concerns regarding the Verizon project behind the 9th Street Yard. I have been out to the site, and I am in contact with the Verizon folks.

    First, an access permit has been issued for the work. As is standard for any access permit, any damage will be restored. We have taken photos of the existing conditions, and prior to closing the permit in the spring, I will work with the permittee to ensure that the site is restored to like condition prior to the project.

    The actual construction will probably continue for approximately six weeks. I have asked Verizon about the possibility of removing some or all of the construction area from the DFA prior to that time. Depending on the equipment requirements for the remainder of the project, this may be possible. I will have more information tomorrow.

  2. Received from the park supervisor at Daley Bicentennial Plaza –

    I apologize for lack of warning and the effect on the Bark Park. I was not aware that they were going to work on that area. I’m looking into the situation to find out the status and how long the Bark Park will be effected. Verizon is also at North Grant Park. They are installing wiring. I’m assuming they are doing the same in that area. Once I get information, I will notify you immediately.

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