Apr 202011

Can the Chicago Park District support Poo Free Parks?

Can the City of Chicago?

Poo Free Parks is a program to provide advertising-supported dog waste bag dispensers that require no city effort to support, no ‘volunteers’ to keep on top of things, and no cost to taxpayers.

What’s the catch?

There is none.

And it’s a beautiful implementation of GPS-aware and web-savvy design – want to find a dispenser? Go to the webpage and you’ll see a map of all locations, and you can report any issues online:

The town of Elmhurst is installing PooFreeParks dispensers this week.

So will the Chicago Park District embrace this?

What do you think!  🙂

It’s going to take a lot of effort.  Please comment or contact us if you think this project is worth supporting in Chicago!



  10 Responses to “Can the CPD support Poo Free Parks?”

  1. My question is…who do we go to in the City of Chicago to get this done? I also think its where you live in the City. When I lived in the Fulton River District they had these canisters with baggies and the neighborhood was much neater then the South Loop area I live in now. I also think that the city ordinances should be enforced…when dog owners who don’t pick up after their dogs start getting fined for such rude and disgusting behavior, they might think twice before walking away and leaving large piles for others to step in, etc.. I am an owner of two small shitzus and always carry baggies with me. There really isn’t any excuse for not having baggies, we all go shopping and bring home “BAGS” of groceries..save them for “poopie” pick up…Its just sheer LAZINESS on the part of these messy dog owners!!

  2. Thats a nice way of framing it – can our parks do without Poo Free Parks?
    Thanks Colorado!

  3. The big queston is “Can your parks do without Poo Free Parks?”
    We have this company in many of our parks and those that do not have them are full of dog waste.
    Come on, Chicago catch up wiith the times!

  4. This is a great way for residents to help start cleaning up their cities- I don’t have pets but I have do have kids and I think it would be really nice if people had these dispensers on hand to clean up after their pets so I and many other parents don’t have to clean up nastiness on ours and our childrens shoes after having a day at the park-get with it Chicago!!

  5. I am a Denver resident where the system has already been implemented in many areas, and we LOVE IT! Why wouldn’t every city want a program that uses eco-friendly materials, gives jobs to the lower class unemployed, saves 100’s of thousands of dollars for the parks and recs, AND advertises for local businesses???? Any city official who wouldn’t want this is an idiot. Poo Free Parks is the best concept I’ve heard of in a long time. Get’er done!

  6. Absolutely! We need to do what other cities are already doing… get small businesses to take the burden off of tax payers by supporting innovative and eco-friendly solutions to problems like Poo Free Parks!

  7. When can we get it??? What an amazing idea! Its about time someone saved our tax dollars
    for other much needed areas. Thanks Poo Free Parks!!

  8. As a Chicago resident and a dog lover/walker i would love to have this system put in place. It seems to be a no brainer, if it save tax dollars for us which we all know to be already high, what is the down side to the poo free parks program?

  9. I think this is a fantastic idea!! What’s the hold up???

  10. On 4.21.11, Poo Free Parks installed dispensers in Elmurst IL:
    Poo Free Parks in Elmhurst

    You can find the locations of the dispensers online here:

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