Jun 212011

Pamela Focia has kindly agreed to share slides of her presentation ‘Fred Anderson Park Development Plans’ given at the Greater South Loop Association Community Meeting held May 21, 2011 at the Overflow Coffee Bar.

FredAndersonPark DFA Page 01

FredAndersonPark DFA Page 02

Over the fold for the rest of the presentation…

FredAndersonPark DFA Page 03

FredAndersonPark DFA Page 04

FredAndersonPark DFA Page 05

FredAndersonPark DFA Page 06

FredAndersonPark DFA Page 07

FredAndersonPark DFA Page 08

FredAndersonPark DFA Page 09

FredAndersonPark DFA Page 10

FredAndersonPark DFA Page 11

FredAndersonPark DFA Page 12

FredAndersonPark DFA Page 13

FredAndersonPark DFA Page 14

FredAndersonPark DFA Page 15

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  2. I too love the dog park with the question of the stage. There is quite a bit of people that live just surrounding the dog park with a lot of families. Is this stage intending to have weekly live performances? In other words families my start sound proofing now if they want their children to take naps. Love the park. Love the design. Just need more info regarding the plans for the stage.

  3. @Abbie, we don’t know what the current plans are. The Chicago Park District is now in control of the project, but has been holding off moving forward with design revisions pending the funding for the project being finalized (which did happen in March – see the update ). They haven’t been particularly forthcoming in the meanwhile… However, given that a small dog was injured by a larger dog on opening day at the Bartelme Park DFA, and given the recent incident at Montrose Dog Beach in which a small dog was killed, we can hope that the importance of safe spaces for all dogs is being given due consideration. As we learn more, we’ll be sure to provide updates here.

  4. I saw in some of the plans that there would be a small dog versus large dog area. Is this still in the plans? I think this is an excellent idea, and something that was fairly common in San Diego. It is extremely helpful for small dog owners to have an area where the little guys can hang out without being trampled by the big dogs playing.

  5. Perhaps I am confused on the drawings of the park – but in the last rendition there is a covered stage and greeting area? Why is that needed for a dog park? I am 100% behind having a dog park at 16th and Wabash – hopefully it can be an actual DOG PARK and not an entertainment area for others. This is desperately needed in the south loop. Thank you!

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