Oct 012011

We’ve received word from the PDNA (Prairie District Neighborhood Alliance) that they have installed three new dog waste bag dispensers in the South Loop!  This is good news, and those of you who’ve seen the dispensers at Grant Bark Park and Coliseum Park Dog Run will be familiar with them:

This is apparently ‘Phase 1’.  Phase 1 Dispenser locations include:

  1. 18th & Calumet – just outside northwest corner of Battle of Ft. Dearborn Park (Prairie District Townhomes Ph I HOA)
  2. 2000 S. Prairie & Culleton – south East Corner (Prairie East Townhome HOA)
  3. 2303 S. Michigan Ave – Rear entrance of Motor Row Lofts (Motor Row Lofts HOA)
According to the PDNA –
We will be working with Alderman Fioretti’s office for preparation of permits for at least two additional area location dispensers after our PDNA Annual Howl-O-Ween Pet Costume Contest and Party on October 27th, 2011 at Glessner House Museum.
Great job, PDNA!
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