Oct 072011

An article was released on October 5 about the Park District asking for $4 million in TIF money to develop the park. See it here:
Chicago Journal Article

Big question: Why $4 million? What is the breakdown of the cost of the park?

  One Response to “TIF Money”

  1. The 16th&Wabash Park TIF funding appropriation is on the agenda of the Chicago Plan Commission for the meeting scheduled this Thursday October 20th.

    Location: Room 201A City Hall, Second Floor, 121 N. LaSalle Street

    Agenda item 7. A resolution recommending a proposed ordinance authorizing the disposition of City-owned land to the Chicago Park District for the future creation of Park 561 in the near south side community area for the property located at 1611-1629 South Wabash Avenue in the 2nd Ward. (11-087-21)

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