Mar 292014

Introducing South Loop Dog of the Week, Bijvoet!

Australian Shepherd Bijvoet (‘bye-foot’) is a bossy, fun, happy dog who loves to play agility, but loves her frisbee and soccer ball even more. This week she’s at the AKC National Agility Championship, appearing for the second time, and she’s doing great! She’s not the fastest dog, but she’s very consistent over the jumps, weaves and obstacles, and she’s now in 71st place out of over 400 dogs!

Bijvoet is named after a famous Dutch chemist, Johannes Martin Bijvoet, who worked on the foundations of X-ray Crystallography in the mid-20th Century. Her dog mom Pam is an X-ray Crystallographer!

What a good dog!

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  1. Pam–she’s beautiful! good luck this week!!

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