Apr 302014

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  1. Bill, we forwarded your comment to the Chicago Park District for advice and their recommendation is yes – call 911.

    First line is to call 911 if you feel threatened. We have a major issue with dogs off leash at this park. Security and myself deal with this ongoing issue. I will notify our CPD security but they should call 911 immediately.

    Note that Roosevelt Park is not a city-sanctioned off-leash dog area!

  2. I was confronted by a thug in the dog park at Roosevelt Road today. Muscle bound thug, his dogs had nothing to do with him. We were talking, at his invitation, about American football, and how the players of that sport do or do not deserve medical payments for their injuries on the field. I insist they do and I am entitled to my opinion. He insists I have no right to an opinion since he played for Penn State.

    He became very threatening to me with his size and when that didn’t work he insulted my wife. I saw this quickly escalating situation was going to end in violence, so we left.

    I restrained myself, and I wonder if there is a way of banning someone from the park. This man was clearly looking for a fight. Should I call the police?

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