Archived minutes of the meetings of the Board of the South Loop Dog PAC are available here.

Jul ’01 First public Dog PAC meeting for new South Loop dog park
~~~~ Many sites for dog parks considered – and rejected
Fall ’02 Grant Park identified as location for new South Loop dog park
Jan ’03 CPD announces DogPAC must contribute $75,000 to park construction
Mar ’03 Dog P.A.C. “adopted” by HPRN (now South Loop Neighbors)
Apr ’03 Membership and brick sales begin
Jun ’03 Book Fair
Jul ’03 Dog Wash on Dearborn
Aug ’03 Taste of South Loop; Dog Wash @ Jones H.S.
Sept ’03 South Loop Community Picnic
Oct ’03 Grant Bark Park proposal submitted to Chicago Park District
Oct ‘03 1st Annual K9-9K* People & Pooch Walk (*it’s really only 3K)
Jan ‘04 Family Portrait
Feb ‘04 Bar Louie Benefit I
Mar ‘04 Play Day@ Dogone Fun!
Apr ’04 Scoop the Poop
May ’04 South City Tavern Benefit
Jun ‘04 Book Fair
Jul ‘04 CPD approves proposal for Grant Bark Park
Jul ‘04 Dog Wash; Movie-in-Roosevelt-Park Bake Sale
Aug ‘04 Bash on Wabash
South Loop Community Picnic
Dearborn Park Rummage Sale;
Sept ’04 2nd Annual K9-9K* (*it’s really only 3K);
Oct ’04 CPD changes location of Grant Bark Park
Nov ’04 Play Day @ Dogone Fun!
proposes skate park near Grant Bark Park
Dec ‘04 CPD institutes brick text policy;
Jan ‘05 Dog P.A.C. becomes independent organization
Jan ‘05 D.oggie O.nline G.arage S.ale
Feb ‘05 Scoop the Poop
Mar ’05 D.oggie I.ndoor G.arage S.ale
Apr ‘05 Bar Louie Benefit II
May ‘05 Play Day @ Dogone Fun!
Dearborn Park Rummage Sale
Jun ‘05 Movie-in-Roosevelt-Park Bake Sale;
Jun ‘05 Dog P.A.C. gets IRS tax-exempt status
Jul ‘05 Dog Wash
Aug ‘05 over $75,000 raised!
Apr-06 Ground Breaking
July 15 2006 Grand Opening
Sept ’06 1st Annual K9 Karnivale
April ’07 Yolk Event Fundraiser
Jul ’07 1 yr birthday party
Aug ’07 Dog Wash
Sept ’07 2nd Annual K9 Karnivale
Nov ’07 Donor Kiosk Installed