DFA Rules & Regulations


DFA Permits can only be obtained at a participating veterinarian.

A list of participating vets is available online.

Some guidelines for Dog Park behavior are hosted at petbehaviorhelp.com, and there’s a nice discussion of Dog Park issues available at Wikipedia.

The Chicago Park District has ‘Rules & Regulations‘ available online. A good writeup of the DFA rules is available on the Mondog website.

The attached document is the CPD DFA brochure from 2007.  It contains:

  • a list of  the Rules & Regulations of a DFA
  • a list of  Chicago Dog “Friendly” Areas (as of 2007)
  • a list of the requirements to obtain a DFA Permit
  • and, a summary of the ‘Owner/Community Responsibilities’.

The summary of ‘Owner/Community Responsibilities’ is long, but it obscures the salient fact: all off leash areas in Chicago are completely user supported.  The CPD maintains infrastructure, only.  It does not clean, it does not improve, it does not provide drinking fountains, it does not supply dog waste bags.  We are working to make this message clear!

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