Skinner Bark Park


1358 W. Monroe

How to find it:

Located on the northeast corner of Monroe & Loomis, just north of the middle part of Skinner Park.  This is a parking lot now converted to dog park.


17277 sq ft (0.397 acre)



Concrete, artificial turf, pea gravel.


Water – Yes
Bags – Yes

Small Dog Area – No


The park opened in August of 2014 and a Community Group was formed in 2015 at the request of the city.

This Chicago Park District Dog Friendly Area is located in the West Loop neighborhood across from Skinner Park, on W. Monroe Street (between Throop and Loomis).


Ward 27


Support Group:

Skinner Bark Park Community Group

A Community Group was formed in 2015 at the request of the city. They work hard to ensure a safe and clean environment for our furry friends to socialize off leash. They maintain the park and seek improvements through fundraising and networking with the dog friendly community in Chicago.

Organizational Structure & Funding:

Donations page here.

“We ask for donations from our community friends to help with the maintenance of the park since the Chicago Park District does not pay for park maintenance or improvements. Donations and volunteer work helps us maintain the safety and cleanliness of the park. Your donation will make the following possible:”

Weekly Cleaning – annual cost $2,400

  • Pick-up of left behind poop and trash,
    Dog-friendly cleaning products used to sanitize benches, water fountains, and turf,

Seasonal Cleaning – annual cost $1,000

  • Power-washing of turf, canopies, and concrete walkway (including between cracks where dog hair builds up)
    Leaf and snow removal

Maintenance and Repairs – funds

  • Maintenance Fund: entry/exit gates, fences, canopies, water fountains, water hoses, summer pools, tools, etc.
    Tree Fund: removal and replacement
    Pea Gravel Fund: leveling, replenishment and replacement
    Turf Fund: eventual repair or replacement of turf rugs
Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 11.15.49 AM

A construction drawing for the park (utilities).

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