Coliseum Park Dog Run

How to find it:

The park is underneath the El tracks, adjacent to the alley to the west of Coliseum Park at the intersection of Wabash & 14th Pl.


0.065 acre (2844 sq ft)


Concrete, asphalt, pea gravel

  • Water – Yes
  • Bag Dispenser – Yes
  • Small Dog Area – No

This is a very small dog run!


3rd (will remain in 3rd in 2015)

Support Group:

South Loop Dog PAC


Organizational Structure & Funding:

SLDogPAC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. It is lead by a Board of Directors elected from the community. Memberships, primarily.  Donations also accepted.

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  1. […] Park was the first South Loop dog park; it was built in 2001 by a nonprofit group. The others are Coliseum Park Dog Run and d’Angelo […]

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