Fred Anderson Park Dog Park

How to find it:

Open as of December 10th, 2014!

Access to the DFA is from Wabash Ave at the south end of Fred Anderson Park.  Once inside the gate there are two clearly marked entrances: one to the small dog area, and one to the large dog area (to the right).

An access gate to the large dog area on the east (alley) side of the park will be accessible the week of December 14th.


Overall, the DFA occupies ~18900 sq ft (0.44 acre) of the approximately 1 acre site.

The small-dog area comprises ~5200 sq ft (0.12 acre).   The large-dog area comprises ~13700 sq ft (0.32 acre).


The surface is concrete with a substantial area of artificial turf in both the Small and Large dog areas.


Water – very cool water features and fountains will be running once the weather warms up in Spring 2015.

Bag Dispenser – three will be installed (two are in place as of December 11th, 2014)

Small Dog Area – yes!


Fred Anderson Park is open! 

South Loop Dog PAC has been involved with the development and design of this DFA from the beginning!  The dog park itself is certainly not going to be as big as we had hoped for, but a lot of thought has gone into the design, in order to make it as dog-friendly and easy to maintain as possible.

12.3.10 Dog Park Proposals for 16th & Wabash

4.28.11 16th & Wabash Dog Park Proposal Shrinks 33%

6.21.11 Fred Anderson Park Development Plans

6.11.12 Fred Anderson Park – Final community meeting!

8.7.12 Park Update – CPD Meeting from 8/6/12

9.17.12 News about Fred Anderson Park

11.26.12 Some perspective on the Fred Anderson Park Dog Friendly Area design

3.21.13 Looking good!


2nd  (3rd ward in 2015)


Support Group:

South Loop Dog Park Action Cooperative


Facebook: Fred Anderson Park Dog Park

Also on Facebook: Fred Anderson Park (focus on the park performance space and Jazz Saxophonist namesake, Fred Anderson).

A Park Advisory Council for Fred Anderson Park is currently being organized.

Organizational Structure & Funding:

SLDogPAC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. It is lead by a Board of Directors elected from the community.

Memberships, primarily. Donations also accepted. There is also an engraved brick program.



  12 Responses to “Fred Anderson Park Dog Park”

  1. […] larger dog park, with separate spaces for large and small breeds, can be found at Fred Anderson Dog Park . There are shared and separated areas on the one acre site, and there are even picnic tables and […]

  2. There are some dog owners that bring their adult pit bulls into the small dog side. This should not be allowed as this negate the purpose of having a separate section. I have nothing against pit bulls and most are super sweat. A small dog can defend itself against another small dog but will not stand a chance against a pit bull.

  3. […] Great Dog Parks: Fred Anderson Dog Park, Lakeshore East Dog Park, Wiggly […]

  4. Hi @Michele –

    If you’d like help to support the Fred Anderson Park Dog Park, this year we’re hoping to organize committees of volunteers (or at least, a volunteer) at each of the South Loop dog parks – we imagine that those folks could organize things at ’their’ park and contact us for support (e.g. $$, publicity, etc).

    Please contact us at if you’d like.

  5. I love the Fred Anderson dog park, me and my dog Fifi goes to the park everyday, to sit in the sun, play catch,and water some grass. I love to be a volunteer to help keep the park looking nice as possible.

  6. @Arthur Jumbles –

    Same comment we just made on our Facebook page:

    Some of the history of Chicago DFA surfaces is discussed in our 2010 blog post here: Why are Chicago DFAs ‘hard-surfaced’?

    The move towards artificial turf is a step forward.

    We all dream of grass and will advocate for it, but it’s the long battle.

  7. Artificial turf and concrete. Sad that grass and trees are too expensive.

  8. […] once its construction is completed, the Fred Anderson Park will provide a roomy venue of a dog park on Wabash right between 16th Street and 18th Street right […]

  9. You are so right on, Barb. Shouldn’t it be Fred Anderson Jazz Park (considering there is a performance stage)?

  10. Absolutely, you have a great point here, and it’s appreciated. Please forgive our ‘dog-centricity’… but that’s what we do!
    Seriously, though, if you’d be willing write a couple of sentences highlighting Fred Anderson as a jazz musician, we’d be happy to include the text in the description here! Thanks!

  11. Is this park in memory of the late, great Fred Anderson, the jazz musician? Is so, it would be nice to at least mention him. Why name something after someone and not even mention it.

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