Oct 032009

dogwastedispenserColiseum Park DFA is a mess, and there is poo everywhere.  Today we put up a Dog Waste Bag Dispenser at Coliseum Park – it’s orange, and you can’t miss it.   No more excuses, please. 🙂

The DogPAC has committed to keeping the DFA dog waste bag dispenser full of poo bags.  If you forget yours, please feel free to take one.

And, feel free to point it out to others who might ‘need a bag‘!

If it’s empty, please call us, email, or tweet @sldogpac – one of us will come out to fill it. (No, I’m not going to monitor it every day.)

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  1. […] you need a poop bag?” I always carry spares, even though there are bags available the South Loop dog parks. I am not asking you to be the neighborhood watch, because who wants to be known as that kind of […]

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