Rationale & Benefits


The key to understanding why we ask for SLDogPAC membership is this – the Chicago Park District does notworkwith us to maintain and improve the Dog Friendly Areas; instead, the CPD sets the constraints within which the community, acting through the SLDogPAC, maintains and improves the two DFAs for its own benefit.

Rationale – your membership contributes to making possible:

a) Clean and well maintained off leash dog areas in downtown Chicago.

Quite simply, if there is no membership, the DFA maintenance program will fail, the parks will fall into disrepair, and there will be no improvements.

b) Facilitating repair of broken down facilities in the off leash dog areas.

The financial resources and the volunteer base provided by membership are required if we are to initiate repairs and improvements at the DFAs..

c) Periodic clean-ups organized by the SLDogPAC with the help of the membership.

We are required to power-wash the two parks several times per year. In addition we patrol for orphan poo and litter, and maintain the park facilities.

d) Supplies and Maintenance

The SLDogPAC supplies cleaning materials, dog-friendly soap, and signage, and we have committed to maintain two new dog waste bag dispensers at the South Loop DFAs.

Benefits – with your membership:

a) You become part of an organization that advocates for a dog-friendly South Loop and for responsible dog ownership.

We are committing resources to advocate for community support of dog-friendly efforts in the South Loop, and to bridge the dog- and non-dog- communities here!

b) You have a voice and direct input into the improvement and repair of the two DFAs.

Members will be welcome to attend meetings of the board, and if you’re interested you’ll be invited to become a contributor to our ongoing blog!


Business members benefits include all of the above, and:

a) Your logo and a link to your website will be displayed at southloopdogpac.org and included in our monthly email Fetch!

We plan to display business logos in the sidebar of our new website, and we will acknowledge business members on a rotating basis in our newsletter Fetch!

b) The opportunity to contribute materials when the SLDogPAC holds community events.

You’ll be able to supply materials and brochures to be distributed at South Loop Dog PAC events, including the yearly ‘DogPAC Dog Wash’.

A pdf document outlining the Rationale & Benefits is available for download.