Belmont Harbor


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  1. Heh. You’re welcome to join the SLDogPAC, an all-volunteer organization, get administrative access to this website, and start drafting some maps yourself. You’re welcome to help. But you won’t get paid.

    If you want better descriptions, that’s what the Comments are for. There are invitations to contribute throughout. If you have something to add, add it.

    In the meantime, each of the DFA pages has an address, for example Lakefront Trail & Belmont Harbor. If you click on the address you will get a Google Map of the location.

    That said, we DO need an overview map that allows someone to figure out where to go. It’s on the to-do list.

    As for parking, good luck. Chicago Park District DFA design policy does not seem to incorporate planning for parking. Look at Grant Bark Park for an example, but there are many others…

  2. Put @$$# maps on your site–the descriptions are lousy and there’s no way to find the parks (or parking)

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