Apr 132011

Yesterday, thanks to coordination between Claudine Malik of the Chicago Park District, contractors for Verizon Wireless, and board member Pamela Focia, twenty tons of fresh pea gravel were delivered to Grant Bark Park.

We were able to have the north gate fencing removed so that the truck could back up into the park.

And here’s the result:

IMG 1108

What next?

Two things. We’re going to install landscape fabric along the west side fence to prevent gravel loss to the Metra tracks below.

And we’re going to make arrangements to distribute the gravel at the north end of the gravel area.

This will happen in the coming weeks.

You’ll notice that twenty tons sounds like a lot. But it turns out that to completely refill the 40′ x 220′ (8800 sq ft) gravel area to a depth of six inches would require two hundred tons of gravel!

More to follow.

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  1. Hi there, is the park still open for dogs to run around off leash? Or is it no longer fenced in?

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