Oct 182012

Save the date!

The final Chicago Park District presentation of their plans for the Fred Anderson Park and DFA at 16th & Wabash has been scheduled for Tuesday November 20th.

This will be an important meeting.  It will be your chance to learn about and comment on the final plans for the new DFA, which will begin construction in 2013.

UPDATE:  The meeting is scheduled for 6pm, Tuesday, November 20th, in the Community Room at the 1st District Police Station, 1718 S. State. 

  2 Responses to “Final Fred Anderson Park Community meeting scheduled!”

  1. Joel,
    SLDogPAC board members have been keeping in touch with and have met with the CPD project manager who’s coordinating development of this park. He is fully aware of the remediation requirements, the TIF timetable, the need to get the project done. He has responded to our recommendations and appears to be acting in good faith. Whether other 'activities' are going on behind closed doors remains to be seen – that’s one reason why this meeting is really important, and why you and the many other supporters of a state-of-the-art and truly dog-friendly dog park in the South Loop need to show up! Let’s demonstrate community support for this park, and let’s evaluate and critique, if need be, the proposed design. Please, be there – November 20th, 6pm, 1st District Police Station Community Room, 1718 S. State!
    – doug

  2. I question when the TIF money deadline is up. I also question when the soil sampling took place. I have had a direct view of the park for years and look at the mess everyday. No one has ever did a soil sample in than lot.

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