Nov 182011

A DFA committee was organized last winter, in consultation with the Alderman’s office, in order to organize support for the proposed dog park and to provide input into the park design. We plan to serve as the CPD-mandated ‘DFA committee’ once the dog park is built.

As you may know, the configuration and design of the 16th & Wabash park is not finalized. Another public meeting is planned, but not yet scheduled. The project was delayed while the funding was secured, the land transferred, and there has also been a change of personnel at the Chicago Park District. The new Project Manager for the 16th & Wabash park is still getting up to speed, and we hope to be meeting with him in the next week along with representatives of the Alderman’s office. Immediately after that meeting we will be scheduling a meeting of our committee in order to provide an update to you, the community.

There are many ways you can get more involved and help with the quest to have a fantastic Dog Friendly Area (DFA) as a major part of this new park, including signing petitions and writing letters to the Chicago Park District and Alderman Fioretti’s office, and just spreading the word on the street and through social media.

However, to coordinate this effort we also need to get more people involved with the activities of the DFA committee, right away!!

We particularly need people who are willing to commit some time, and who can bring one or all of the following skills to the table:

  • Talking to people on the street, distributing flyers
  • Maintaining the website and social media
  • Writing petitions and letters
  • Meeting with politicians and their representatives.
Right now, all of these tasks are being handled by only a few people. The dog park at 16th & Wabash is too important; the more we get directly involved in our committee’s efforts, the better. So we ask that if you might be able to make even a small commitment, please send an email to, and let us know how you want to get more involved.

In the meantime –

And, tell your friends and neighbors that only with a strong effort from the community will the large dog friendly area that we all support become a reality!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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